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Hector International Airport is the main airport servicing Fargo, North Dakota, the states largest city. Fargo, named after Railroad Tycoon William Fargo founder of Northern Pacific Railroad and Wells Fargo has always had a strong affiliation with travel and known as "the gatway to the West" by locals. Since the early days when steamboats used to head up the Red River, Fargo has been an important transportation hub. In the the 2000's the Hector International Airport has emerged as the next transportation facilities to make it's make on the region with flights and passenger numbers steadily increasing through out the decaded.

In 1927 Martin Hector leased out on a 50 acre block of land to the north of the city of Fargo, North Dakota for five years to the local government for the grand total of $1 per year. Northwest Airlines (NWA) commenced weekly flights to Fargo on February 1, 1928, the service operated from Minnesota to Winnipeg via Fargo however it was suspended after three months after complaints from the Canadian government. On February 3, 1931, Northwest Airways (NWA) began its first passenger flights directly to Fargo with a small six person aircraft. On On May 27, 1931, Fargo's Municipal Airport, Hector Field was officially given it's name with 5,000 local residents braving the cold winter's rain to witness the event.

In 1953 a new airport terminal at Hector Airport was created with a grand total cost of $400,000, then a substantial amount of money. The expansion was designed to meet passenger needs over the next 20 years. In 1982 Hector Airport was given international status making it Hector International Airport and by 1985 the US customs had an office at the terminal. In 1986 the current airport terminal was build moving the terminal base to the south east corner of the airport grounds. The current airport has three runways, including the longest runway in North Dakota and can accommodation planes up to the size of Boeing 747's. The airport is located at over 8,000 feet above sea level making it easy for planes to take off and land. In 2008, the airport has recently completed further expansion of it's terminal to cater for more commercial passengers and growth over the next 20 years.

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